Kaskinen – an idyllic island town!

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Postal adress: House of Bladh, Cneiffinpolku 1
Tel. +358-(0)400868781

Info point open 16.6.-15.8., Mon-Fr 11-18, Sat-Sun 10-15,

at other times contact
the Town Hall information, tel. +358-(0)6-2207711

e-mail: tourism@kaskinen.fi
Postal adress: Town of Kaskinen, Raatihuoneenkatu 34,
64260 Kaskinen, Finland

Our new website for tourism: www.visitkaskinen.fi

Kaskinen, Finland’s smallest town, is an excellent vacation site for families with children and people who want to escape from everyday stress. In the peaceful atmosphere of the old town with wooden houses by the sea, you can forget all the hustle and bustle and just relax! All services can be found within walking distance and the pleasant atmosphere of the town makes you feel at home in no time at all – it is always nice to come to Kaskinen!

Due to its location by the sea, sources of livelihood in Kaskinen have always been connected to the utilization of products of the sea and to seafaring. Even today, port activities, fishing and fish processing are important sources of livelihood to the inhabitants of this small island town. More modern industrial developments in the town since the 1970’s have given the town new growth opportunities, without changing its cosy small town character.

The best way to get acquainted with the town is by cycling or walking. A guided walk takes you through the parks and squares of Kaskinen, giving you a glimpse of the history of the townspeople and old buildings. The old Sälgrund pilot station (see videofilm in Finnish), situated in the middle of beautiful island nature, is an excellent spot to visit by boat. In the winter you can ski amongst the islands and admire natural works of art created by pack ice.

Sites of interest are the impressive and historic Bladh House, built in the late 18th Century, the Town Museum situated in an old merchant house, and the Old Fishing Harbour with its Fishing Museum and the Myllykallio windmill.