Functional principle, aims and visions

The educational and cultural services of Kaskinen aim at providing the inhabitants with an adequate and versatile education plus other cultural services with the help of local, national and international co-operation. Good basic education is essential in laying the foundation for secondary and further education utilizing open learning environments.

By strategic priorities and critical success factors we mean such cultural and educational content entities where it is necessary to succeed in order to fulfil the given aims.

Since most of the functions that the educational and cultural services are responsible for are qualitative, it is very difficult to create clear, verifiable and relevant principles of assessment for them. Kaskinen is a town of balanced, self-respecting and active people who are interested in developing their capabilities. Cultural activities are an important ingredient in promoting mental and physical well-being. Local nature and the towns strong cultural heritage are original and they are protected and developed according to the principles of sustainable development. Mental and physical well-being are well taken care of in Kaskinen.

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